Professional Services

Scale Your Business Rapidly with Outsourced Professional Services

Our bespoke professional services reduce costs, improve efficiency and drive revenue growth by deploying highly trained personnel to your account.

Ascension BPM’s Professional Services Expand Your Internal Resources

Core functions from outsourcing bookkeeping services to back office administrative can be seamlessly transitioned to Saint Lucia with no disruption to our clients

English Language Proficiency

A deep pool of highly educated candidates offers excellent English proficiency skills position Saint Lucians as natural extensions to your business.


Direct flights from major American cities make Saint Lucia a prime destination for outsourcing.

U.S. Acculturation

Saint Lucians have a strong cultural affinity with the United States and a familiarity with the American business practices.

Delegate Your Internal Processes

Make an impact on your business and your clients by finding value in outsourced professional services.

Virtual Assistant Work

Fractional virtual assistants can perform a variety of tasks, from administrative duties to outsourcing bookkeeping services.

Client Management

Our service management executives can help manage your client relationships, answer customer queries, and provide support.

Admin Support

Our admin support staff are ready to help you with data entry, customer service, appointment scheduling, and more.

Customer Support Assistance

Dedicated live customer service reps embrace your brand managing a full suite of inquiries and duties.

Loan Processing

Our loan processing officers will manage your loan applications, ensuring that they are processed smoothly and efficiently.

Mortgage Broking Assistance

If you are a mortgage broker, our assistants help serve your clients providing timely support and answering their questions quickly.

Find Your Advantage

Ascension BPM can tip the scales in your favor in many ways. Which benefit gives you your biggest advantage?

U.S. Based


Ascension BPM

Cost (Average Hourly Rate)


English Proficiency


Low to Moderate


Time Zone Compatability

No Difference

6-12 Hour Difference

Synced to EST

Culture Alignment (Scale of 1-10)




Ease of Doing Business Index

Very High (Top 10)

Variable (Range Widely)


U.S. Based



Benefits of working with an Ascension BPM team

A fresh approach to outsourced Professional Services back office administrative services.

Drive down the cost of professional services

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Outsourced Professional Services from Saint Lucia.

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