Streamline your processes, reduce costs, and improve service delivery with BPM.

Streamline government processes with BPM

It is generally accepted that Business Process Management (BPM) can bring great benefits to organizations.

For government and public agencies, these benefits can be even more pronounced, as they are often saddled with outdated processes and systems that are inefficient and costly.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when implementing BPM in a government or public agency. These include:

  • The nature of the organization and its specific needs
  • The existing processes and systems
  • The regulatory environment
  • The political environment
  • The culture of the organization
  • The availability of resources

Given the complex nature of government and public agencies, it is important to partner with an experienced BPM provider who understands the unique challenges that these organizations face.

Core functions of BPM for government and public agencies

BPM can be used to improve a wide variety of processes in government and public agencies. Some of the most common applications of BPM include:

Case management

Manage the lifecycle of a case from start to finish. This includes opening a case, assigning it to the appropriate staff member, tracking its progress, and closure.

Complaint management

Receive, track, and resolve complaints from citizens. This can include complaints about services, benefits, or other issues.

Permits and licensing

Manage the process of issuing permits and licenses. This includes processing applications, conducting background checks, and issuing the permit or license.

Document management

Create, store, and retrieve documents electronically. This can include scanned documents, PDFs, and other types of files.

Workflow management

Automate the routing of tasks and approvals. This can include routing invoices for approval, tasks for review, and more.

Policy management

Develop, manage, and track policies and procedures. This can include creating new policies, revising existing ones, and ensuring that they are being followed.

Benefits of outsourcing BPM for government and public agencies

Outsourcing BPM can be an effective way for government and public agencies to improve their processes. Some of the benefits of outsourcing BPM include:

Improved process efficiency

Benefit from the expertise of experienced providers.

Objective perspective

Get an objective perspective on your processes from outside experts.

Improved quality

BPM providers can help to improve the quality of your processes.

Reduced costs

Outsourcing BPM can help to reduce the costs of process improvement.

Our team of BPM experts can help you to streamline your processes, improve service delivery, and reduce costs. In addition, we can help you to comply with regulations and standards.

Ascension International is the right partner for your government or public agency. We can help you to improve your processes and meet your goals. Contact us today to learn more.