Ascension BPM’s Distinct Advantage

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May 14, 2024

By Jonathan Hummel,
Ascension BPM

Ascension BPM’s arrival on the nearshore market gives us some distinct advantages.

To begin, as a brand-new business process management provider, we don’t have the inherent challenges many providers face. Excessive baggage in the form of poor processes and internal protocols doesn’t distract us from focusing on the services we want to provide to clients who share the same commitment to their customers as we do. Simply put, we bring a fresh approach.

And this refreshing perspective and its benefits pass directly to our customers. By starting from a clean slate, we can decide what is important to us and we capture them in our Guiding Principles to ensure we never stray from these commitments.

To begin, we take it personally. A sense of ownership – from the CEO to the frontline team member – emerges when you’re part of something new. We all share in the success of Ascension BPM and that is why we take our responsibilities personally. Our conscientious professionals are committed to serving with respect, dedication, and integrity. These principles are non-negotiable for Ascension BPM’s people.

We understand that our clients – and our industry – have been doing business in a certain way, sometimes for years. But we also understand we must be flexible in adapting to new ways of getting things done. You’ll notice early on that we’re not afraid to ask ‘Why?’ or ‘Why Not?” when we’re looking for a better way to get results. This insatiable curiosity helps innovate when the old methods don’t work anymore.

Having a view of the big picture is great but we all know that the big picture is built on scores of details – so when you get the details right, you get the big picture right. So, we like details. We’ve learned that when our actions deliver precision and quality, they contribute to your business’ success. Each action, every step, and every detail contribute to the overall customer experience.

It’s hard to do something new without asking a few questions and because of this approach, we have an insatiable curiosity. Our business model allows us to be agile with the ability to move fast. We can scale to your demands with either seasonal trends or business fluctuations.

You’ll find every action at Ascension BPM is governed by these four governing principles – all designed to provide remarkable customer service each time we interact with our clients or their customers.

With this foundation to work from, our clients gain an advantage over their competitors by working with us. Any one of these benefits would deliver a competitive advantage but as the old saying goes, “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”

But it’s good to spell out the parts:    

Unmatched Services – Our business model allows us to build a bespoke service that caters to a client’s specific requirements. Our size allows us the flexibility to dedicate the right staff to support a client. This customized service is tailored to the client’s specific requirements because we don’t use the cookie-cutter or ‘build once, deploy frequently’ model.


English Language Capabilities – As a former British colony, St. Lucians naturally possess excellent English language skills. Communication is clear and concise with a neutral accent. As a preferred tourist destination for many Americans, St. Lucians have developed a close cultural affinity with the United States, along with a solid understanding of American purchasing preferences. Our hospitality economy has developed a customer service mentality that easily translates to the BPM sector.

Proximity – St. Lucia’s nearshore location in the Caribbean makes it an ideal market for outsourced services for U.S.-based companies. With direct flights from several major American cities, such as New York and Atlanta – you can start your day in your (home) office and end your day meeting with your Ascension team in Soufriere.

As a former British colony, the county’s infrastructure is familiar to U.S. buyers. A stable parliamentary system reflects the educational, legal, and financial institutions and conventions found in the United States. In fact, many St. Lucians pursue post-secondary degrees in the U.S. and return home to pursue their careers.

Client Focus – Ascension BPM stands out in the business process management industry with its unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, catering to those seeking to elevate their brand through exceptional service and value. Our unique size and business model attract clients seeking differentiation and unparalleled support.

Our ‘people-first’ value puts clients’ customers before profits, so we won’t be taking shortcuts and forcing your clients to talk to an AI-powered bot. Our ‘people first’ commitment also extends to our people because we firmly believe that fulfilled staff translate into satisfied clients. Highly skilled personnel deliver personalized service and uncover hidden value in your processes. Our empathic team is trained to anticipate your needs and provide tailored services. We don’t take shortcuts.

Culture – People are our priority, extending to both your customers and your staff, as well as our own team. In an industry centered around relationships, from clients to vendors to customers, the common thread remains people.

While we bring a fresh perspective to the BPM market, our team possesses decades of experience. We’ve recruited seasoned industry veterans who have witnessed missteps from other providers and learned from their mistakes.

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