Most important activities of healthcare BPO

Healthcare BPO brings significant support to medical institutions, staff, and organizations. Commonly outsourced activities of healthcare BPO include coding, billing services, transcription, data processing, and phone or chat support, etc.

In most cases, access is one of the first measures patients have against their expectations and your brand promise. When patients call their doctor’s office, the last thing they want to deal with is bad customer support. Health care call centers can respond quickly to patients, reduce the burden on administrative staff and improve the patient experience.

Why is the healthcare contact center important when it comes to patient experience?

A health care call center helps ensure that every patient is set on a positive path. Patients today have options. They can always find another provider. That’s why, on the phone, every interaction must be perfect. If patients have an urgent need, they should get an appointment the same day. A quality call center will work with patients to make sure their experience is positive. In the healthcare industry, every phone call is important. Companies that fail to train employees could deliver bad service and meet patient’s expectations.

The most important benefits contact centers bring to the healthcare industry are:

Improved access to patients
Increasing patient satisfaction and retention
Improve scheduling convenience for patients
Reduce costs associated with healthcare support
What are the common challenges of healthcare professionals?

For many physicians, the biggest pain points are their daily practice management issues and challenges such as lack of staff. They simply don’t have the number of administrative staff to efficiently operate. Even on the clinical side, it is difficult to manage. Health care call center support can take burden off from both sides. It is truly a win-win situation for physicians and the entire practice.

The patient experience is crucial among 90% of healthcare executives. In most cases, access is one of the first measures patients have against their expectations and your brand promise.

So what are the most important activities of healthcare BPO?

A) Medical Coding And Billing
Hospitals and healthcare professionals process tons of medical records every day. Unlike other industries where coding and billing is a reasonably straightforward activity, medical coding and billing can be complicated.

That’s why you need specially trained staff to deal with these records. Without the right knowledge and expertise, you will face significant delays and errors in processing your patient bills and records. To prevent any coding and billing hiccups, healthcare outsourcing comes into the picture.

As professionals, healthcare business process outsourcing teams are well-equipped with the necessary resources to do the job accurately and efficiently. This lets you focus on tasks that matter to your organization, like medical research, patient treatment, and care.

B) Claims Processing
Processing patient claims is a critical healthcare activity. Patients need to have proper medical claims for their insurance companies. But when there are hundreds of claims to be processed every day, it’s difficult to maintain accuracy on every single one. To ensure that patient claims are in check, it’s smart to outsource claims processing to a third-party service provider.

With appropriate resources and manpower to do the job, specialized teams are allocated to process large volumes of medical claims. Also as this is the only task they will be focusing on, you can expect a higher accuracy rate in claims processing.

C) Data Processing Services
In addition to treating their patients, healthcare providers have to process and update large volumes of medical data every day. Managing and processing data is a tedious job, but healthcare organizations have large volumes of data to take care of, for example:

Tests and lab reports
Prescriptions and drug inventory
Patient insurance details
Other hospital records

Outsourcing data entry activities will help you free up time and resources for your other core healthcare activities. While data entry is usually the safest activity to outsource as it’s relatively simple, remember to only outsource it to a proven healthcare BPO.